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Be the Light! TM

With a strong background and experience in physical, mental and spiritual health as well as life/relationship coaching, I have spent most of my life in helping individuals in dealing with day-to-day life issues..


My line of practice is considered “complementary medicine” in the fact that it works with and around your regular traditional medication as well as nutrition to help you achieve the health level you are striving to reach. I look at your life as whole and not just parts, hence the results will be long lasting.

I provide the following services:

  • One on One or group AMA (Ask Me Anything) about Law Of Attraction;

  • One on One or group AMA on Nutrition;

  • One on One or group AMA on the Laws of the Universe;

  • One on One on Relationship Matters;

  • One on One on Private Advise and Counselling.


Book a session with me. I am here to serve.  All information is confidential.

Private, not covered by OHIP

Price: $80/hour - first 30 minutes free

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The latest Book: #YESTOLIFE

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